Haircut Bob Video Tutorial.
Haircut Bob: Long to Bob Haircut with Short Bang. With Complete Makeover. Hair Stylist- P. Christopher
Haircut Bob: Bob long haircut tutorial hair cutting haircut bob 2017
Haircut Bob: From this haircut tutorial, you will learn how to cut beautiful bob for curly hair. I used the mix of disconnection, graduation, layers to create an original shape with accents on the sides.
Haircut Bob: Inches of wet blonde hair falling down on the salon floor. A beautiful blonde hair receiving a haircut to renew her becoming long bob style in a very sexy transformation. Since the foaming [More]
Braided hairstyles: Hi, everyone! So I’ve been getting a ton of requests on how I do my braided hairstyles or if I can do an updated video on all my braided hairstyles and thought, why [More]
Braided hairstyles: The lot of you have been requesting this hair on a lot of my Instagram pictures so I thought I’d show you how to do it! Of course, anything for fame! This is [More]
Braided hairstyles: Today I’m going to show you three Easy Braided Hairstyles perfect for every day, work, special occasions or the holidays.Give it a thumbs up if you like it! and Subscribe to never miss [More]
Braided hairstyles: Hey, lovelies! I hope you guys like these hairstyles and find this tutorial helpful! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave this video a thumbs up!
Authentic african hair braiding shop.
African braiding: The most comprehensive detailed Step-by-step guide to professional Loose Box Braids Know how to braid multi-racial hair types Learn how to insert hair extensions into this hairstyle Create neatly designed sections for Box [More]
Waterfall braid: This 2-minute tutorial is the most popular Waterfall Braid tutorial on YouTube! It’s a follow-up to our original tutorial after fans said it was impossible to create on yourself
Waterfall braid: Hi, Guys! Today’s Hair tutorial is a Waterfall Braid Tutorial. This waterfall braid tutorial is perfect for beginners and to on yourself. Subscribe to never miss a tutorial!
A Back to Basics tutorial showing how to do a Waterfall Braid.    
Waterfall braid: I love this braid. It’s really easy to do and it looks great. There are many different ways to finish the braid and I mention them a little bit in the video. I [More]