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DIY: Coconut Oil Hair Treatment for Dry/Damaged Hair

Hey, beauties! The other day, I ran into a woman who was buying a HUGE jar of coconut oil. Being sarcastic, I asked the lady if she had enough… Apparently not! The lady proceeded to tell me the many things that coconut oil can be used for. The list went on and on. Put it this way not only can it be used within the aspect, it can also be used to cook with! Well, long story short…..haha…. She mentioned . I did a little research.

Some of the benefits of using coconut oil as a hair treatment:

* Stimulates growth,
* Moisturizer dry and damaged hair
* Helps fight dandruff, if applied to the scalp.
* Slows down hair loss
* Adds shine to your hair
* Prevents breakage and split ends

I hope that you give this hair treatment a try. If you’d like to add other ingredients such as an egg or even some honey. Feel free to do so!


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