DIY- Damaged Hair Hot Coconut Oil Treatment | Hair Regrowth & Restoration



I use organic cold pressed coconut oil

Coconut oil keeps my hair shiny, strong and healthy as well and moisturized. My hair has been getting longer and thicker and it is not falling out.

1) Reduces Hair loss and shedding

The shea butter helped to stimulate my hair follicles and it made my hair grow back, but this coconut hot oil treatment has been keeping my hair from falling back out and it helps to strengthen the hair strains it keeps it from being brittle and from having split ends

2) Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by getting deep into the follicles and improving blood circulation on our scalp.

The improved blood circulation boosts nutrient and oxygen to our scalp

3) Coconut oil is full of nutrients. I just stated that coconut oil boosts nutrition, well on that note coconut oil has antioxidants and is full of bit E, K, and iron

Interesting fact, but not sure how true it is but coconut oil can prevent gray hairs. But hey if it doesn’t do that it does everything else I just listed.

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