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Hairstyles for over 50

Hairstyles for over 50:

Everybody knows the rule for best haircuts for women over 50 is short. It was correct until the early 20th century, but now, there are no more rules. Let your hair grow or cut it very short; it is all up to you and how you feel better. The secret is to dye it in a light color that will make you look younger. However, the best 2017 haircuts for women over 50 are the ones you think are most suitable for you.

To help you decide what you want and what you need, we gathered here the best 2017 haircuts for women over 50, so you can get inspired:

Short and sexy – The best 2017 haircuts for women over 50 are short; everybody agrees. But what women don’t know is that these haircuts are very sexy and have a lot of potentials. The pixie haircut is the favorite haircut for many celebrities over 50. Just look at Sharon Stone of Jamie Lee Curtis and you will understand what we are talking about. As a plus, they don’t need much maintenance and you`ll be ready to go one minute after you wake up. Try a messy look like Meg Ryan; it is so hot!

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