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Long to Bob Haircut: A very beautiful women and had good understanding about hair styling she agreed for short haircut . After haircut she got perfect young and bubbly look.
DRASTIC LONG TO SHORT WOMEN HAIRCUT: My favorite blow dryer of all time Check out my favorite brand of shears here I love drastic changes. This haircut was so much fun to do on MY [More]
The Perfect Halo Braid for Short Hair: There is the perfect braid for every hair type. To prove it, Riawna Capri, co-owner of the 901 Salon in West Hollywood, CA, will show us how to [More]
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One Length Long Bob Haircut for women: A big trend in hair is the long bob, not long hair, not short hair, but cut somewhat blunt and just above the shoulders. Today in ‘Terrific Tresses’ [More]
The Green Trends’ stylist gives a customer a haircut which will suit the casual look, formal look, western look and Indian look. He then shows her how to adapt the hairstyle accordingly and style it [More]
Green Trends’ stylist explains the importance of getting the right layers and fringe length of your hair to frame your face just right. This will enhance your beauty and make your features stand out.
Spring / Summer Hair Trends
Top Spring & Summer Haircuts for Black and African American Women.
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Haircut Trends: Haircut trends always keep changing, and it’s difficult keeping a track of what’s in & what’s out. Not only that, so many retro styles become a trend too. Can’t forget about what face [More]
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