Short Hair Tutorial: In this tutorial, I will teach you how I cut the ever so popular A-line bob haircut. Worn by many celebrities. Victoria Beckham is unarguably the queen of A line haircuts. Her [More]
Short Bob Haircut Bob Haircut Indian Women
4 Easy Short Hairstyles: This hair tutorial is a 4 in 1! These are my top 4 go-to hairstyles that are perfect for my short bob. Women often shy away from short styles because they [More]
How To Cut a Textured Bob Haircuts for women: So many variations of the bob. I show you some great texturing techniques in this video. I love doing short haircuts for women.
New bob haircut for women
How to cut layered bob: From this video, you will learn how to cut layered bob. This women’s haircut will suit thick hair and will let to wear it different ways.
HOW TO CUT WOMEN HAIR: Product use: Here is a link to a great flat iron on My favorite blow dryer of all time Check out my favorite brand of shears So it is officially [More]
Haircuts for Women: In this video, I demonstrate how to achieve a graduated bob haircut for a woman with a razor. This is more of an advanced haircut, however, I explain the best I could [More]
How to cut a Layered Bob: Please enjoy this step by step women’s haircut tutorial of an angled bob. This is a longer video but it’s a step.
Bob Haircut – Bob Hair Cutting Tutorial / Haircut Tutorial Women
Long to Bob Haircut: A very beautiful women and had good understanding about hair styling she agreed for short haircut . After haircut she got perfect young and bubbly look.
DRASTIC LONG TO SHORT WOMEN HAIRCUT: My favorite blow dryer of all time Check out my favorite brand of shears here I love drastic changes. This haircut was so much fun to do on MY [More]