Loreal hair spa procedure at a parlor. Hair spa training video made at Cocoon Salon Manikonda by a senior hairstylist. These hair spa steps are mostly used in Hyderabad salons. Hairspa tutorial video shot at [More]
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Hair Spa Treatment: Products Used:- Loreal hair spa Smoothing cream bath loreal ampule/powerdose/stimulating concentrate loreal x-tenso care nutritive shine serum This smoothing creambath is enriched with water lily and purified water.It also has hydrating agents.known [More]
Summer doesn’t have to mean bad hair days. With some extra TLC, your hair can look great on the hottest of days. Check out My Kerastase Hair Spa Experience. And their range of shampoos is [More]
Surbhi Chandna ENJOYs her HairSpa with Tellybytes
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If you’re going in for a hair spa, the therapist would first take a look at what kind of hair you have, its quality, etc. You are then offered suitable remedies and packs. Some spas [More]
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Hair Spa is a therapy that helps to make your hair strong and shiny. It also deals with dandruff and fall control. Watch out and know all about this treatment. Video Transcription: Hi Girls Hair [More]
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Today I will be introducing a procedure of home hair spa completely with natural skin care and hair care ingredients and which gives you the same result as a spa treatment. This procedure takes the [More]
Hello Everybody, today I am showing you a Hair Spa on home video. I received so many requests from viewers who asked me to do a hair care routine. So, this is one of them [More]