Hairstyle For Long Hair for Everyday – Long Hairstyle at Home.
So because I already have a video posted on how my hairstylist does my hair, I thought I would post how I style it myself at home, including how I do my baby hair and [More]
How to do a shortcut, how to do a pixie cut, how to do a clipper cut, how to point cut short hair For tools and products:.
Check out the latest haircut by myself and Colour by Rachel Stephens.
How to get natural looking curls in easiest way: Heyy ladies. A lot of u have requested me to show how I curl my hair, so here is the video of how to get natural [More]
Hairstyles for fine hair: Trendy haircuts for fine hair must always be combined with the appropriate styling, otherwise, what would you choose a haircut, the hair simply “hang” like a spaniel ears. Therefore, foams and [More]
Easier Than It Looks Updo.
Roller Set Hairstyle On Natural Curly Hair: This video is about roller set hair style /hair styles on naturally curly hair If you have thin/fine hair this tutorial is for you.
For Straight & Fine Hair: In this tutorial, Zane from Luxy Hair shares her technique for creating beachy waves. Zane’s hair is naturally straight & fine, so she also shares her tips on making it [More]
Hairstyle for the long hair tutorial. Prom updo with braids.
Hairstyle for long hair with twist braid. Updo tutorial
How to Curl Long Hair with Curling Iron.
Today I show you how I do my favorite 5 minutes no heat hairstyles!