GUMMY BEAR HAIR VITAMINS | Sugarbearhair Review!


Hey, guys! In today’s video, I review SugarBearHair – a vegetarian, soy free, and gluten free gummy hair vitamin that tastes like fruit roll-ups! I’ve been seeing these everywhere on Instagram and wanted to try them out myself. They’re honestly the best hair vitamins I’ve taken so far (and I’ve tried quite a lot), so I wanted to tell you about it and share my results. Let me know if you’d try these out and what you think!
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– No bigger smelly pills means you won’t forget to take your gummies
– The only vegetarian gummies on the market specifically formulated for your hair
– Gluten, wheat, soy, and cruelty-free!
– Combination of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients that work together vs apart
– No reports of any side effects such as acne

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