Hair Care – How to Do Your Own Home Hair Spa

How to Do Your Own Home Hair Spa:

Please remember to shampoo your hair before doing this hair spa.
Emulsification is very important. It helps the mixture to penetrate the hair. See hand strokes for emulsification at 00:02:45
Frequency: You can pamper your hair with this treatment once every 10 days.

Benefits of Home Hair Spa
1. Cure Split Ends
2. Remove Dryness
3. Add Shine

Hair spa is essential for healthy strong hair. It washes away dust, grime, and pollution and rejuvenates hair from its roots. Hair spa is also beneficial for the scalp. Hair spa is not a rocket science and you can do it at home.

In this video, Sandeep Tandon from Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design shows how to do a basic hair spa at home.

The first step is to make hair spa mixture using protein conditioner, castor oil, glycerin, revitalizing hair oil, and vinegar.

Take three teaspoons of protein hair conditioner, three teaspoons of castor oil, three teaspoons of glycerin, two teaspoons of revitalizing hair oil, and the half teaspoon of vinegar.

Blend the mixture thoroughly to make a fine paste. Now your hair mask is ready. Drape yourself properly before applying.

Now wet your hair. In this video, we have used a spray. If you don’t have one you can wet your hair and dry it with a towel.

Before starting to untangle your hair with a proper comb and part hair into four sections. Now take a brush (the kind which is used for applying hair color). Start applying the mixture on your hair. Remember that the paste should not be applied to about bottom 1/2 inch of your hair. In other words, leave 1/2 inch from the roots.

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