Hairstyles for Long Hair – Quick and Easy diy

Hairstyles for Long Hair:

you have the length of hair that every girl wishes for long beautiful hair. but do think it’s time-consuming if you want to style your long hair. in this tutorial we get you some quick hairstyles for your long hair………………well these half up hairstyles can be done on medium length hair too. so keep watching.

Hairstyle 1
Nicely comb your hair to make them tangle free and do the side partition
Now take a chunk of hair from front and start twisting
While twisting add a little hair each time you twist
Keep twisting till you reach your ear and then secure this with the help of bobby pin

Hairstyle 2
Take a section of hair from front side twist it and keep adding hair while twisting.
Now secure this with the help of pins
Take a small amount of hair from other side twist it till the end and secure it at the back of your head

Hairstyle 3
Make a center partition of your hair
Now take small amount of hair from one side start twisting it and add a little hair while twisting
Secure this with pins.
Repeat the same on another side also and you are done
Hairstyle 4
If you have bangs separate them and side sweep them
Now take the front section comb it nicely and then tease it a bit to add volume and make a pouf
By pushing it a little forward and then securing with pins

Now take small strands from both sides twist them and simply secure with pins to give a nice finishing to the pouf as shown
You can give a little teasing to your bangs also to give volume
Adjust your layers and you are done

Try out these styles and give a new look to yourself.

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