Hairstyles for Round Faces : Part 2

Ladies with round cheeks have a hard time picking a suitable hairstyle that will help them look slim. Sometimes, having a round face makes us look heavier than we actually are, and wearing the wrong hairstyle can exacerbate the problem. So it is of the utmost importance to pick the right hairstyles for round faces, in order to slim down the face and accentuate assets nicely. It is important, too, to know the basics of hairstyle for round faces so that you do not emphasize perceived flaws, such as plump cheeks.

Women with round faces are generally advised to consider hairstyles for long hair. This is because long hair will take gaze away from the roundness of your face. Layers and some side-swept bangs especially will show an illusion of more angles to your face. Longer, side-swept bangs will flatter your face shape.

Another really great cut for round faces is a mid-length cut with some layers. The layers set off your features beautifully, and give a softer look. A shorter haircut, such as a bob, is considered a mistake for a round face. If you desire a shorter hairdo, try a bob which is longer toward the face, with the length going below the chin.

Women with round faces should also be careful of curly hairdos. Tight and extreme curls can further accentuate the roundness of your face. Go for curls that are soft and full. Should you have naturally curly hair in addition to a round face, make sure to ask for a haircut when your hair is dry, so that your stylist can make sure that the length will be longer than your chin. Invest in a professional who is an expert in cutting curly hair. You might also want to consider taming your curls with relaxers.

If you have a special event to attend, for example, a wedding, there are a number of wedding hairstyles that will be perfect for a round face. Choose to leave your hair down with some loose curls, and just add some pretty hair accessories. Remember- long or medium length hair elongates the face.

If you were blessed with a round face with less angular features, choose a hairdo for round faces, that will flatter your features. The guideline is to have it long or at least longer than the chin, and incorporate some layers to slenderize your face. Having the most flattering style will take away from the width of your face, and will make you look ten pounds lighter. So, who couldn’t use a boost like that?

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