How to style really short hair

Thought I would create a video showing just how versatile really short hair can be! These styles were all done in one sitting, with no curling irons, straighteners, or expensive products. Short hair can be easy and it can also be girly. I hope this inspires some of you to take the short hair plunge because I really do feel like every woman should familiarize themselves with their true beauty without their lengthy hair to hide behind at least once in their lifetime. It is truly a challenge and you quickly learn that self-love is far more important than self-loathe. You are beautiful regardless of your hair length, skin color, height, or weight. You have a beautiful soul and that doesn’t fade over time like our looks do. Hope you enjoy and please be sure to like, comment, and share my video. Xo.

Products used:
Mousse- Herbal Essences “Tousle me softly”
Blow dryer- Revlon 1875 Ionic Ceramic
Hairspray- Aussie Instant Freeze Spray
First Headband- Feather Headband from BUCKLE INC.
Second Headband- Homemade
Third Headband- Silver Headband from Target


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