My Hair Routine: Wet to Dry & Coconut Oil

My Hair Routine: Wet to Dry & Coconut Oil:

So here is how I style my natural hair from wet to dry! These products make my hair so so so soft and shiny!! Also, a lot of you are saying that I look like I’m in my 30’s in this video and that I look so much better without makeup… I hope you all know that I am not by any means trying to look older than I am. I wear makeup to look presentable in my videos because it is professional.. and obviously not necessary for the scenes where I’m washing my hair in this video. I take it as a very high compliment that you think I look better without makeup, but as a makeup artist on YouTube, I consider a lot of makeup an art form and a major part of my job… so, therefore, I will always be wearing makeup on camera! Thanks again for requesting! I love you guys!

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