With practice I’m sure this could be done on any hair type! The concept of this braid is super simple, it just takes quite a few tries to get it right! Don’t give up young [More]
If you have seen our Soccer Braids tutorial, I need to let you know that was my go-to hairstyle when I was a young girl. For each of my girls, that is the very style [More]
100 Super easy Hairstyles for short hair: Yes, I give you 100x 1 minute easy hairstyles, parody styles. I know you have been waiting for this one, I have been waiting to create these beautiful [More]
Bob haircuts to three lades with long hairs ASMR( over 1 hour).
Remember last week’s video, where I asked you whether I should cut my bangs? Well, I decided to go for it… Watch me freak out as I attempt to cut my own bangs.
Long To Short Bob Haircut Video Tutorial.
Hi, everybody! Today’s tutorial is how to do to a waterfall braid on yourself step by step, to more difficult DIY waterfall braids. Don’t worry if you can’t do it at first, practice makes perfect [More]
This tutorial is long over, long overdue. I featured this style as a step-by-step tutorial in my very first hair series “20 Braids for Spring” and mistakenly made a promise to create a video tutorial [More]
Haircut bob: (Cutting WIth Your Head VOL. 1) Gratitude Education Founder/Educator Matt Beck Walks you through how to cut a Classic closed Graduation.
QUICK AND EASY hairstyles for people with shorter hair and bangs.