2018 Pixie Hairstyles for Women Over 40 to 60.
Kenneth Siu’s Haircut – Wavy Bob Cut New.
Tutorial for the Pull-Through waterfall braid! (also called the Scissor Waterfall).
Kenneth Siu’s Haircut – Reverse Graduation Bob.
Need lazy hair day ideas? My go-to is an easy bun so here are 3 of my favorite bun hairstyles for you guys! What is your go-to lazy hairstyle?
Cutting A Quick Bob Haircut on Curly or Straight Hair.
With practice I’m sure this could be done on any hair type! The concept of this braid is super simple, it just takes quite a few tries to get it right! Don’t give up young [More]
A Perkier Ponytail for Thin or Flat Hair: Create a smile on my face and Subscribe and Like, Make sure to drop down to find out where else to find me! You always see these [More]
This YouTube’s first-ever clearly-explained and filmed demonstration of the Waterfall Braid! My daughter is the one who gave it this name because she felt it looked like a waterfall over a cliff’s edge.
1. Oval face. Women with oval face shape should not have boring, straight and long hair. For woman with wavy or curly hair and oval face the best haircut is the layered haircut because it [More]
Please excuse my awful fake tan. I know, it’s literally horrendous haha! But I hope you enjoyed this video regardless PREVIOUS VIDEO: Chatty GRWM: Night Out! (Make-Up & Hair) Let me know which of these [More]
Hair2U – Jelena Long to Bob Haircut Preview.