The Swag Will Be the Trendiest Haircut of 2015

Bangs with long hair:

What will be the trendiest haircut of 2017? Get ready for “the swag,” because it’s already gaining traction on runways and red carpets. Celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook, who has worked on the manes of Dianna Agron, Lana Del Rey, and Chrissy Teigen, spoke with Byrdie about this look in November, coining the term herself. “It’s a modern take on the shag haircut. Most shags look like Christmas trees — they’re not very flattering. So we’re swagging it up,” says Brook. Turns out I was a perfect candidate for the cut, so goodbye want my long hair, and in came curtain bangs and sexy layers with movement. Take a look at the transformation in the video above! Plus, learn who’s the best candidate for the look, plus styling tips to keep your swagger in check.

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