Wedding Hairstyles Step By Step Bridal Bun and Bridal Plait Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles Step By Step:

Looking for South Indian bridal hairstyle for reception or wedding? In this YouTube video, we show you on how to make a South Indian bridal hairstyle that will suit all special occasions.

Let’s do this South Indian Bridal Hair Style step by step –
Now with this hairstyle, we are going to follow the center partition, little crown at the back. Take the hair smoothen it off, let the front hair be as it is, we already backcombed the front hairs, now it is all set, we only going to get the puff now.

So smoothen all the front hair, create a puff use a rubber band put a ponytail and bobby pin it. criss-cross way and tighten it. we are now going to attach the nettichutti and attach with bobby clips. Use a tail comb to make the hair, hold the hair in your comb spray it and set wheresoever you feel it’s going inside take it up and get the right shape. Here is our front hair, leaving this particular hair, backcomb and pin it up with bobby pins.

Same with the other side. Now make a ponytail we will be using a stuffing its called a bun a roller bun to create a bun here put it inside and roll it and then cover it up with all the hair put u pins to hold the buns in place, make sure we put u pins on all four sides tilt little down now take the ready braids and put it on the top of your bun and attach it with bobby pins. as this is heavier try to put as much as bobby pins you can so that it will hold in place.

Some u pins to hold the bun, now we are rolling the flowers onto her bun. and put the bobby pins. so its slightly round shape will come which we would have to maintain it, same on to the other side we will roll the flowers we will try to maintain the sequence and the dollars so that the dollars will be seen.

Now we finally roll up here, again bobby pins, here is our bride ready. now let’s curl up one side to give a beautiful look – Our bride is ready.

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